PlayStation Store Adds Back Previously Removed Feature

The PlayStation Store got a major update earlier this month in order to prepare for the release of PlayStation 5, in case you missed it. Unfortunately, the update also removed the ability to put games on a wishlist. This came as a big disappointment to a lot of PlayStation fans that took advantage of the feature. Thankfully, wishlists are now back, and it seems that the feature will even alert players to sales and updates related to those games on their wishlists. It's a handy little feature and certainly seems like just one of many quality-of-life improvements that players can look forward to as part of the new console generation.

Given the sheer number of games on the PlayStation Store, the Wishlist option is a very good way for players to keep track of titles they might otherwise forget about. As such, the option is every bit as important to developers and publishers as it is to fans. Indie publishers have talked about how hard it is for players to find their games on the PlayStation Store, so anything that might make it easier for players to keep track of the games that interest them is a good thing.

At this time, there is not an option to gift games to other players, and it will be interesting to see if that changes sometime in the near future. Allowing players to see the Wishlists of their friends and give them gifts would be a great way to improve the feature, and it would likely make Sony a lot of money! It would prove even more beneficial for those that bought the all-digital version of the PS5, even though those seem quite hard to come by, at the moment.

With the next console generation now upon us, it will be interesting to see how the PlayStation Store continues to improve, and the ways it will allow fans and publishers to enhance their gaming experience. These smaller quality of life improvements seem to be a big focus for Sony and Microsoft this year, as opposed to giant graphic leaps. Those smaller improvements might not sell the console to those still on the fence, but it's clear that making the overall gaming experience more pleasurable is a top priority.

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