New PS5 Update Released, Here's What It Does

A new PS5 update has been released by PlayStation. Unfortunately, it doesn't come packing new features, major improvements, or any bug fixes, but rather it "improves system performance." And that's all Sony reveals about the update. It doesn't specify what improvements it makes to system performance, suggesting they aren't that notable or substantial, yet they were significant enough that Sony decided to push the update rather than hold these improvements for a future and more meatier update.

The update was pushed overnight, which is even stranger, and it actually requires an 868 MB download. 868 MB isn't very big, but for an update that just makes unspecified system performance improvements, it's pretty big, again bolstering the theory that despite the lack of specification in the patch notes, this update is somewhat substantial.

As for when we will get a proper update with new features and informative patch notes, who knows. Sony hasn't announced or teased any imminent updates, but presumably one will arrive in the coming weeks. While the PS4 only got a handful of major updates a year towards the end of its cycle, major updates for the PS5 should come more often given that it's a brand new piece of hardware in need of said updates.

When and if Sony provides further clarification on what today's update does to the PS5, we will be sure to update the story with whatever is provided. However, it's highly unlikely we are going to get more details on the update from Sony itself, though users may begin to notice changes and improvements in the coming hours and days.

The PS5 is available -- for $400 to $500 -- in the United States, Japan, and select regions. At the moment of publishing, it's not available in Europe, but this will change on November 19.


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