PlayStation Would Like to Remind You That You Cannot Marry the PS5

If you're one of the many new PlayStation 5 owners who made it through real-life and virtual queues, scalpers and bots, and stock sellouts to get your new console, it's understandable that you're excited to be in the next generation of console gaming. Despite how much you love having a PlayStation 5 or love the idea of having one on the way, Sony would like to remind you that you cannot, in fact, marry your new console once it arrives.

The important reminder about PlayStation 5 consoles which somehow was left out of Sony's helpful support videos for the PlayStation 5 was shared on Twitter by the PlayStation UK Twitter account. The UK branch of PlayStation shared an article from Push Square that noted a connection between PlayStation 5 consoles and marriage proposals. In its tweet, PlayStation advised people not to get any ideas and said "You cannot marry your PS5." It also offered guidance on other related topics.

People weren't actually proposing to a console in the referenced article but were instead bundling their shots of PlayStation 5 consoles together with marriage proposals that happened at the same time. Push Square dug up a couple of different posts from Redditors who had gotten a new PlayStation 5 and at the same time had slipped in a marriage proposal to their partner. Videos, pictures of the rings, and other details were shared in posts like the one below to show what kinds of proposal ideas people had gotten to go along with their new consoles.

Rolled up after midnight pickup of our PS5s and snuck this game into the pile ;) (video in comments) from r/PS5

If you're one of the many who don't even have a PlayStation 5 yet while everyone else is bundling theirs with marriage proposals, you've still got a good shot at getting one soon with Black Friday approaching. We've got a list of places that'll have the consoles in stock soon to let you know where to look and when. You can also play the PS5 Simulator game while you wait to pretend that you too have a PlayStation 5 right now.


Our review of the PlayStation 5 should give you an idea of what to expect once your console does eventually come in. Quite a few games are free on the PlayStation 5 as well to get you started once it arrives.