PS5 Locks Big Feature Behind PlayStation Plus Angering Fans

PS5 locks a big feature behind PlayStation Plus, and as a result, Sony has angered many of its early adopters that didn't just jump from the PS4 to the PS5 at the first opportunity but fought hard against bots and scalpers for a PS5 pre-order. If you're on PS5, you can transfer your PS4 saves via USB device, but at the moment, you can't do this with PS5 saves, which means the only way to back up your PS5 game saves is via the cloud, which is locked behind PlayStation Plus. In other words, if you want to back up your PS5 game saves, you will need to fork over $60 a year (though there are PS Plus deals available that are near 50% off).

Sony has already said it plans to allow PS5 players to export their PS5 saves via USB sticks and USB drives in the future, but right now, at launch, this feature isn't available. And until it's available, you will need to upload your saves to PlayStation Plus if you don't want to lose them.

While Sony has said it plans to add USB support for PS5 games, there's still no word on when this option will come. In the meantime, for most players, this may not be a substantial issue -- in fact, it may be a complete non-issue -- but there are plenty of PlayStation fans unhappy to learn that yet another feature they enjoyed on PS4 isn't currently not available on PS5.

In a vacuum, this missing feature may not be very damning, but it's not the only feature PS5 is missing. Unlike the Xbox Series X, the PS5 has no version of Quick Resume, meanwhile, it also doesn't support 1440p televisions or expanded storage. The bad news doesn't stop there though, just today Sony told PlayStation fans they aren't allowed to marry their PS5 consoles.


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