Long-Awaited PlayStation Exclusive May Release This Winter

A long-awaited PlayStation-timed console exclusive is apparently releasing this winter. The game in question -- which is also coming to Xbox consoles and Nintendo Switch, but not until after launch -- was announced all the way back in 2015. In 2015, gamers on PlayStation consoles were treated to the likes of Bloodborne, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Fallout 4, Until Dawn, Metal Gear Solid 5, Rocket League, and more. It was a pretty good year for gaming, and it's when Little Devil Inside was announced. Seven years later, it's still not out, but that's apparently changing sometime this winter. 

The information comes the way of PlayStation Gane Size over on Twitter. The account doesn't say anything beyond "winter 2022." Now, winter doesn't officially begin until December 21. It's unclear if then the implication is the game will be sometime between December 21 and December 31. It's not common for games to release during this period. In fact, it's quite rare. Of course, this could also just be a reference to December in general. There's also a third possibility. The game is officially slated to release in Q4 2022, which is to say sometime between October and December. "Winter 2022" is more specific than this because it would rule out October and November, but it's possible this nuance is being lost. 

Al of this is to say, take everything here with a grain of salt. When and if the situation evolves, we will update the story accordingly. This includes not only more information from the source, but any comment from the implicated parties as well. In the meantime, below you can read more about the game and check out its latest trailer:

"The world of Little Devil Inside is set in a 'Victorian-like' era when industrial advancements are well underway. Creatures, monsters, and other mysterious lifeforms DO exist. Humans go missing , creatures are sighted, and paranormal activities are reported from time to time but only a minority acknowledge its legitimacy and possible threat. One devoted professor at the local university is dedicated to researching, investigating and studying these abnormalities. You are hired by the professor to help him continue his research by embarking on risky and dangerous missions. Undertake key missions, engage in side quests, encounter unexpected events, roam and explore. Seamless and diverse action – fluid movements, responsive sword and shield combat, handguns, rifles and bombs. Learn new skills as you progress and confront unsual monsters both large and small. Manage key vitals, scavenge and hunt for food, make campfires to cook and keep warm. Do whatever it takes to stay alive and fulfill your mission."