Reviewer Gives Update on PS5 That Broke From Storage Issue

When new consoles launch, there are often issues with individual hardware units, and it seems that the PlayStation 5 is no exception. While some issues are to be expected, it seems that video game reviewer Jeremy "ACG" Penter's review unit of the console completely died as a result of a storage rebuild issue. Penter detailed the process he went through on Twitter last week, including how Sony worked with him through the troubleshooting process. Unfortunately, the unit stopped working altogether while Penter was working with the company. In a new follow-up Tweet, Penter showed the console, sealed up and ready to be shipped back to Sony.

The Tweet from Penter can be found embedded below.

Penter's struggles with the PS5 review unit highlight some of the possible issues that can arrive during the launch window of any new video game console. When a system is brand-new, issues that did not appear during the testing process can surprise the manufacturer. Sometimes, the necessary fixes are smaller, and can be made through hardware patches. In more extreme cases, running changes to the hardware have to be made. As a result, many gamers tend to wait a few months, to make sure that the worst bugs have been ironed out before committing to buy.

Penter's review unit broke before the PS5 was available in stores. Now that the system has been available for a few days, it will be interesting to see how prevalent the issue turns out to be. It seems likely that Penter's problem with the console will be the exception, rather than the rule, but it's hard to say for certain until gamers have been able to spend more time with the system.


Regardless, those that have been on the fence about upgrading to a next-gen system might be inclined to hold off, and enjoy some of the games that released on PS4 as well as PS5. Games like Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales and SackBoy: A Big Adventure should keep those fans occupied in the meantime!

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