PS5 Absolutely Needs to Copy This Xbox One Feature

If there's one feature the PS5 needs, it's one of the Xbox One's best features that's unexplainably missing from the PS4: controller customization. The Xbox Design Lab lets users customize Xbox One controllers to their liking. This includes not only picking the color scheme of the controller, but additional customization options, like engravings. It's a popular feature among Xbox fans, and for some strange reason Sony hasn't copied this on the PS4. It shouldn't make this mistake again with the PS5.

If you want people to stock up on PS5 controllers -- especially at launch -- you don't give them a couple of basic designs to choose from. You let them make their own designs. Meanwhile, if you want to create limited edition controllers with see-through shells and special designs, you can do this. Xbox certainly has, but it's time PlayStation give more options in this regard.

There's a lot of incredible looking PS4 controllers to buy, but I can't help but wish for a controller that I can make wholly my own. Meanwhile, if there's one thing the reveal of the DualSense has revealed, it's that the PS5 controller is a great template for design. Even now, weeks after the reveal, PlayStation fans are still having a jolly ol' time designing their own version of the DualSense.

ps5 dualsense playstation controller
(Photo: SIE)

There's a lot of things I hope the PS5 has. I would love to see universal backward compatibility with not just the PS4, but the PS3, PS2, and PS1. I would love for it find new ways to encourage and support cross-play. I want the PlayStation Store to consistently work. I want smaller game downloads. There's a ton of things I want to see from the PS5, some realistic, others not so much. But if there's one feature I see no one talking about it's controller customization. It's not a make or break feature for the console, but it's the type of consumer-friendly feature Sony needs to play catch up on. It can't continue to lose on this front to Microsoft.

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