Rumor: PlayStation 5 Backwards Compatibility Will Not Include PS3

Last month, Sony Interactive Entertainment officially announced and detailed its next-gen PlayStation console, which will presumably be called the PlayStation 5. While Sony didn't divulge every detail and specific about the system, it did reveal a few specs and features, including that it will be backwards compatible with the PlayStation 4. However, while Sony confirmed the PS5 will support PS4 games, it didn't say anything about the PS3, the PS2, or the original PS1. Now, this can be taken one of two ways: the PS5's backwards compatibility starts and ends with the PS4, or Sony is saving the announcement of further backwards compatibility for a later date. The former seems more likely, but the latter is certainly on the table.

That all said, according to a new rumor, it looks like at the very least the PS5 won't be backwards compatible with the PS3, which presumably means it won't be with the PS2 or PS1 either. The rumor comes from an anonymous Reddit poster, who claims to have a close friend who was at a meeting with Sony the day after the PS5 was announced. In this meeting, specs and features were discussed. And the former is pretty impressive. However, the most interesting tidbit the leaker claims deals with backwards compatibility.

The leaker alleges that PS3 will remain as part of the PlayStation Now service for the foreseeable future, and thus not be compatible with the PS5. And this makes sense. PS3 games are currently the most enticing part of PlayStation Now, which has struggled to garner a base. The leaker doesn't make any mention of PS2 or PS1.

Interestingly, earlier this year a patent surfaced that suggested Sony was working on backwards compatibility support that would include every PlayStation system. In other words, either this patent never came to fruition, or there's some conflicting information here.

Whatever the case, the leaker also notes that there was no mention of "enhanced" PS4 titles, which suggests there won't be any extra bumps to the performance of PS4 games on PS5.

Anyway, as always, this should all be taken with a grain of salt. Next-gen leaks are notoriously unreliable, however, every once in awhile one comes along that is legit and accurate. Alas, all we can do is patiently wait for more information from Sony.

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