Secret PS5 Upgrade Supposedly Doubles Download Speeds

In an era where games require constant updates and file sizes for games are mammoth, a bad Internet connection is torture as it means slow download speeds, which means constantly sitting around waiting for things to download. There is no magic fix for bad Internet other than getting an improved plan or a different provider, assuming these are options in the first place. That said, according to some there are ways to not just increase your download speeds in some instances, but double said speeds. 

Now, this secret trick is not going to be relevant to everyone because some will already be making use of it. That said, double check and make sure your console is set up to a Wi-Fi network using a 5GHz band, not a 2.4GHz band. The former provides substantial improvement in terms of network speed, which is essential to improved download speeds. 

The first step to turn on 5GHz is to navigate the PS5 "Settings" until you locate "Network." After clicking on this, finding "Settings" and then select "Set Up Internet Connection." From here, find your current network under "Registered Networks" and then click the "Options" button, and "Forget Network."

That's the first three steps. There are still four more to go. Step 4 is to press Triangle in order to "Scan Networks." From here, locate your network and sign in. After you connect to your network, press Options and then select "Wi-Fi Frequency," before setting it to 5GHz.

Step six is to go back exactly one screen and then select Connection Status, View Connection Status, and make sure your PS5 is using 5GHz. And then the final step is to test the speeds via Connection Status and Test Internet Connection to see the improvement. Of course, your milage is going to vary based on a variety of factors, and there's a chance none of this will be applicable if you were already on 5GHz. 

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H/T, Tweak Town.