Developer Explains Why PS5 Won't Be Revolutionary

Sony has slowly but surely been revealing small tidbits about the PS5, but we still don't really [...]

Sony has slowly but surely been revealing small tidbits about the PS5, but we still don't really know what the next-gen PlayStation console is capable of. In the past, developers and others have suggested it could be a big leap for console gaming. That said, according to one developer, there won't be anything revolutionary about the PS5, rather the system will be more of an evolution of console gaming. In other words, console gaming will improve considerably, but not drastically.

According to Danny Weinbaum, the director of Eastshade, next-gen hardware will be more iterative than game-changing. As you may know, many have been talking up the PS5's SSD, but beyond load times and open-world games, console gaming won't be as impacted by this as gamers think, or at least that's what Weinbaum claims.

"Many games have everything they need in memory already, so it wouldn't affect much there, but it will be helpful for open world titles which require streaming," said the developer while speaking with GamingBolt. "I'd say it won't really affect performance much. Mostly it will reduce load times."

Weinbaum continued, talking about the PS5's Zen 2 CPU that many have also been raving about:

"It won't change much really," said Weinbaum. "It will allow more draw calls I suppose, for example more objects on screen. It will be an evolution, not a revolution."

Of course, it remains to be seen just how different the PS5 will be from the PS4. However, if the jump from PS3 to PS4 is any indicator, then, well, things won't be that dramatically different. It will be another decent step towards realism, but it sounds like it may not be as revolutionary as some previous console generational leaps have been.

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