Reported PS5 Feature Could Be a Game-Changer for Music Lovers

According to a new report, PlayStation 5 games will be making some big changes to how soundtracks [...]

According to a new report, PlayStation 5 games will be making some big changes to how soundtracks work in titles. More specifically, PS5 games could very well feature more intimately integrated music from officially licensed soundtracks, in a similar fashion to what Death Stranding is doing on PS4. According to the report -- which comes way of Rolling Stone -- the PS5 could be the start of a new initiative between PlayStation and Sony Music that sees the latter take advantage of the former by more intimately and prominently putting officially licensed soundtracks into, at the very least, Sony-developed games.

The report -- which comes way of inside sources at Sony -- claims, Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima's new PS4 game releasing next month, is the test subject for this new way of soundtrack implementation and synergy between PlayStation and Sony music. As you may know, the upcoming exclusive features a very curated soundtrack with music from popular artists like CHVRCHES. And it's not just music playing in the back of a cutscene, it's more intimately woven into the experience, or at least that's how Kojima and co. have talked about it in the past.

The Rolling Stone report notes Death Stranding is being looked at as an "important benchmark of increased creative collaboration between PlayStation and Sony Music." Now, this seems to suggest that if the feature is criticized, we may not see it again, but I don't see why it ever would be.

Of course, it's not very surprising to hear that Sony is looking at ways to synergize it's different branches. And if this leads to first-party games getting better licensed music, then I don't think anyone would mind. What isn't obvious is how this would benefit Sony Music, other than maybe perhaps highlighting and promoting the artists which it has licensing deals with.

Whatever the case, take the report with a grain of salt like you would any report. That said, Rolling Stone is traditionally a very reliable source. In other words, this isn't some random Reddit or 4chan post, meaning you're probably best revering an extra tiny grain of salt.

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