Major PS5 Exclusive Seemingly Confirmed

Sony Interactive Entertainment hasn't revealed or even hinted at any of its PS5 exclusives. However, there are plenty of rumors suggesting we may see the likes of Demon's Souls Remake, a new Gran Turismo, a new SOCOM, and much more at launch. That said, for now, these are just rumors. However, one game we will surely be seeing is a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn. Whether we will see it at the PS5's launch is another story, but recently developer Guerrilla Games more or less confirmed it's working on a sequel to the 2017 game, which isn't very surprising considering how well it sold and reviewed, despite being a new IP, which tend to sell less than established IP.

As you may know, there's been job listings pointing towards the sequel for awhile now, but a new one seemingly confirms the game. More specifically, the Dutch studio recently ran a listing for the position of Technical Vegetation Artist, which would focus on "the creation of vegetation assets that are used to dress the game world." The listing further adds that "within Guerrilla, we have four teams dedicated to creating the stunning environments of Horizon [and] one team focuses on the creation of lush and stunning vegetation."

As you can see, the listing doesn't outright say "hey we're working on Horizon Zero Dawn 2, come do it with us," but it more or less conveys this. At this point, the more interesting question isn't whether the sequel is in development or not, it's when will it release? Will it hit in time for the launch of the PlayStation 5? I don't think so, but I don't think it will be very far behind.

That said, I have heard that Guerrilla's other game will be ready at launch, the one it recruited Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege developers for. Now, I've seen many suggesting this is a new Killzone, but I've heard that this is actually a reboot of SOCOM. Whatever the case, with the PS5 launching next holiday season, we should know what Guerrilla has cooking up sooner rather than later.

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