PlayStation 5 Will "Make Loading Screens a Thing of the Past"

Last month, Sony Interactive Entertainment began to pull back the curtain on the PlayStation 5 by detailing some of its hardware and a few of its features, such as backwards compatibility support with the PS4. At the time of the reveal, one of the things Sony drove home is the system's impressive loading times, which are made possible by its SSD. According to Sony, the PS5 will boast loading times up to 19x faster than the PS4. Meanwhile, in a PS5 test demo, Sony demonstrated that the loading times in Marvel's Spider-Man have been cut down from 15 seconds to 0.8 seconds.

That all said, games built naively for the PS5 will obviously take longer to load. At least the more ambitious ones that take full advantage of the system's new power, which means taxing it more, which will most likely equate to longer loading times. Still, the PS5's SSD is at the heart of Sony's visions and plans for next-gen, and according to a new statement from an official PlayStation rep, loading times could be cut out entirely with the console.

“An ultra-high-speed SSD is the key to our next generation," said a statement given to PlayStation Magazine. "Our vision is to make loading screens a thing of the past, enabling creators to build new and unique gameplay experiences.”

Of course, the PS5's SSD doesn't just mean the system will load games faster via lightening fast loading screens. It will also improve games with less pop-in and the ability to load more assets quicker, which should improve environments, especially environments with a high-density of moving parts and assets.

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