Big PS5 Game No Longer Available to Purchase on PlayStation Store

A big and upcoming PS5 game is no longer available to pre-order and purchase on the PlayStation Store. If this sounds peculiar, it's because it's not an extremely common occurrence. Furthermore, if you did purchase the game in question on the PlayStation Store, it looks like you will be getting a refund from Sony. In 2023, there are many big and highly-anticipated game releases, but none have been longer coming than Ubisoft's Skull and Bones. Up until last week -- when the latest delay for the game was announced -- the pirate game was scheduled to release on March 9. Now it's scheduled to release sometime in the window of April 1, 2023, to March 31, 2024. 

Neither PlayStation nor Ubisoft have revealed why the game is no longer available to purchase on the PlayStation Store. Nor have either commented on why the Deluxe Edition for the game has been yanked entirely. A listing for the base version of the game remains on the digital storefront, but now there are only the options to wishlist and follow, not pre-order. Meanwhile, on Reddit and Twitter users have revealed they have started to receive refunds for their pre-orders.

While it's not uncommon for pre-orders to be canceled when said game no longer has a concrete release date as the result of a delay, this explanation does not cover the disappearance of the Deluxe Edition from the PlayStation Store. 

As for the game itself, Skull and Bones began development 10 calendar years ago in 2013 at Ubisoft Singapore as the studio's first game. It was then revealed in 2017, and scheduled to release in 2018. With several delays since then, it now may not be released until 2024, seven years after its reveal. In the context of video game history, it's one of the most delayed games ever and one of the longest game developments ever. 

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H/T, PlayStation Lifestyle.