Rumor: PS5 Full Reveal Date Leaked

According to the never-once-wrong rumor-mill, Sony Interactive Entertainment will fully reveal the PS5 in early 2020. More specifically, there's a new dubious rumor that claims Sony will unveil the PlayStation 5 to the world sometime in February 2020, which sounds plausible, but of course this should be taken with a major grain of salt like any rumor or unofficial leak. That said, every once in awhile the rumor-mill produces something true, and sometimes it's the leaks that seem most dodgy that end up actually being legit.

The rumor comes way of 4chan (via popular YouTuber Mystic), and is actually a tidbit apart of a much larger information dump that includes Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us Part II. According to the rumor, the February 12 event -- a Wednesday -- will feature both first-party games, as well as some third-party games running on the system. Again, keep pinching that salt, but even if this isn't an actual leak with actual insider information, it's probably not that far off the target. Sony held a special PlayStation Meeting back in February 2013 to unveil the PS4, and the showing was well-received. So, why wouldn't you just replicate the same formula?

Of course, Sony could unveil the PS4 and do all that jazz at E3 2020, but right now who even knows if Sony will be at the show. Further, I don't think it'd do this. Too risky, especially given how damn leaky E3 is these days. So, there's a good chance we are getting a PlayStation Meeting sometime before E3 2020, the question is when? My guess would be February or March 2020, but that's just my best guess.

As you will know, Sony has announced it's next-gen PlayStation console, but it hasn't revealed it or said much of anything about it. In fact, it hasn't even confirmed that it's called the PlayStation 5, but, come on, obviously it's going to be called the PS5.

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