PlayStation 5 Rumor Teases Its Incredible Power

We don't know much about the PlayStation 5. We don't know when it's releasing, how much it will cost, what it looks like, whether it features a new controller, or what games it will come packing at launch. In fact, all we really know about it is some features and a few general specs. It remains a mystery just how powerful the new system will be. However, according to new rumors, the PS5 is going to very powerful, perhaps even more powerful than most are expecting. And this is perhaps why Sony has alluded to the console possibly having a hefty price tag.

This week, well-known hardware leaker Komachi leaked Oberon sample clocks, which are presumably to be the same as Ariel and Gonzalo, both of which are possibly the name of the APU the PlayStation will come packing. And interestingly, the gen2 number is pretty darn large, and it suggests the console will be ahead of the AMD Navid 5700 GPU and about on par with the RTX 2080 in terms of raw power.

As you can see, this claims the GPU will be clocked at 2ghz, which would be very impressive. This is about double the power of the X1X, and almost as powerful as the RTX2080. If you don't speak the language of hardware, what you need to do is that if this is all accurate, then the PS5 is going to be quite the machine.

Again, take this with a grain of salt, but the idea that the PS5 is cooking with some power and impressive tech does line-up with previous reports of the console, which are claiming its more powerful than the Xbox Scarlett.


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Thanks, Wccftech.