Is the PS5 Price Increasing? New Update Has PlayStation Fan Worried

Is Sony about to increase the price of the PS5? Well, a new update has some PlayStation fans worried that this is exactly what is about to happen. Rampant inflation, the microchip shortage, the labor shortage, the shipping crisis, and the general state of the global economy have all rendered it a difficult time to produce a gaming console. The costs of making, shipping, and selling a PS5 is certainly more expensive than when the price of the Sony console was determined. In the current market, many things have not only increased in price, but increased in price substantially. Many have begun to wonder if these "market adjustments" will spread to gaming. So far, console game prices seem safe, but is console hardware about to get more expensive?

As you may know, earlier this year, Sony raised the price of several consumer electronics, but only in Japan, and this did not include the PS5. At the time, Sony cited some of the aforementioned issues. To this end, during a recent earnings call with investors, Sony was asked if it's considering increasing the price of the PS5 to respond to the market changes. Rather than simply shoot this down, Sony opted for a non-answer, leaving the door open for a price increase. 

"About a potential price increase for the PS5, at this point in time there is nothing specific I can share with you about prices," said executive deputy president and chief financial officer Hiroki Totoki (via VGC). 

Does this mean a price increase is coming? No, but clearly Sony isn't 100% committed to retaining the current price points of the two models of the PS5, which are $400 and $500, because otherwise, it would have shot this speculation down. And this is why PlayStation fans are worried, or at least PlayStation fans without a PS5 yet.

Of course, uncertainty over a price increase is actually good for demand, but Sony wouldn't take this angle as increased demand means little when you can't keep up with the demand there already is. The PS5 continues to be difficult to buy due to the combination of substantial demand and serious supply constraints. 

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