New PS5 Software Update Released Ahead of Launch

A new PS5 software update has been released ahead of the launch of the console, which will be out in North America in a matter of hours. The update is a tiny 0.87 GB download and largely inconsequential, but early adopters of the console will likely need to download it once they boot up their pre-ordered console or their console they were lucky enough to get at GameStop at launch. According to the brief patch notes for the equally brief update, Sony has fixed "accessing PS4 games saved on external storage once you plug it into the PS5's USB port." And that's all the patch notes of the update reveal.

It's unclear if Sony is planning a proper day one update for the console based on feedback from reviews. If it is, it hasn't said a peep about said plans. More likely than not, PS5 users will need to wait a couple of weeks for the console's first meaty update.

As noted, it's unclear if users will be required to download this update, but given that it was pushed after retailers received their units, likely means it will require indeed require a download from players, but given the file size, it should only take a couple of minutes max.

The PS5 is set to release worldwide at midnight, November 12, at least in the United States and some other parts of the world. Meanwhile, places like Europe will need to wait until November 19.


"Now that hours upon hours have been spent with it, we can safely say that the actual experience of playing the PlayStation 5 is quite honestly a delight," reads the opening of our review of the console. "What I suspect will come to define the new generation of consoles, regardless of which one you’re talking about, is relatively simple: beautiful graphics and seriously decreased load times."

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