Developer Reveals How PS5 and Xbox Scarlett Will Change Console Gaming


The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett won't be the most revolutionary consoles. In fact, they are mostly just more powerful and featured-packed PS4s and Xbox Ones. However, they will have an impact on console gaming according to one developer thanks to the Solid State Drive (SSD) they both come with. As you will know, if there is one PS5 and Xbox Scarlett feature developers are excited about, it's the SSD, because it will have the most impact on the type of games they can make. Chiefly, the SSD allows for fasting loading times, but this doesn't mean just your games loading up quicker. It means less pop-in and transitional resolution, which in the case of open-world games, means more density and a much smoother experience.

Pixelnauts developer Alex Golebiowsk claims that loading times will never be the same, at least for consoles. Meanwhile, both systems are also utilizing AMD's ZEN 2 processor, which is a big upgrade on what the PS4 and Xbox One use. According to Golebiowsk, this will allow developers to create beautiful games with less restrictions. Further, it should erode at the AAA barrier, which is to say developers won't need AAA-level resources to create expansive, great looking games.

"I have a AAA art background, and although Lost Orbit was a relatively simple game, I am looking forward to having even fewer boundaries to make beautiful games without having to spend the budget of a full AAA dev," said the developer.

Again, the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett aren't doing anything drastically different than the PS4 and Xbox One, at least on the hardware front. However, there will be noticeable changes that change the console gaming experience. The changes may not be big, but they will be improvements.

At the moment of publishing, there's been no word of exact release dates for either system. We know the Xbox Scarlett is releasing sometime holiday 2020, and presumably, the PS5 is releasing during the same window, though Sony hasn't said one way or another.


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