PS5 Finally Copies Popular Xbox Series X Feature

Sony has finally copied Xbox and the Xbox Series X with a small, but popular quality-of-life feature on PS5. Last generation, the PS4 had a variety of features the Xbox One didn't. On the flip side, the PS4 was missing features the Xbox One had. The reality is that while both consoles are more similar than different, there are differences that create a distinction between the two, and these differences can be seen the most when analyzing the feature set of the pair of machines. However, as the generation goes on, the number of differences shrinks as each reacts to the other and copies each other. To this end, the PS5 finally has a very handy feature it really should have had at launch. 

As Wario64 relays over on Twitter, the recent PS5 update quietly added new functionality involving game discs. More specifically, with the update installed, if a PS5 user buys a digital version of a game already installed via disc, you can use the same disc installation to play the digital copy without inserting the disc. This also applies to games downloaded via PlayStation Plus that meet this criteria. This may seem like a tiny quality-of-life feature, and it is, but it's one PlayStation fans have been asking for and are happy to see finally added. 

"That's a huge quality-of-life change that I loved on Xbox," writes one PlayStation fan of the change over on ResetEra. "Very glad to see it make the jump as the few times I ran into the issue, it was a bit annoying having to redownload everything on a slower connection."

"Wow that's an awesome change they kept quiet," adds another PlayStation fan. "Most of the big changes didn't really apply to me, so wasn't so interested. This was a big bother in the PS4 era for sure."

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