PS5 Leak Possibly Reveals Home Screen and Storage Info

Just after a video appeared online that seemed to give us a look at the startup sequence for the PlayStation 5, additional leaks have been shared that may have revealed a better look at the console’s home screen and some more information about the storage space players will have. All the leaks so far are unconfirmed at the moment though and may show old or dev kit versions of the PlayStation 5 though, so there’s always a good chance the actual consoles and their features will look different upon release.

Twitter user Okami shared several images in the tweets below that are said to show different views of the PlayStation 5 interface. The first of the images, if accurate, shows storage information that could be frustrating for those planning on getting a PlayStation 5. While the PlayStation 5 comes with an 825GB SSD, it looks like the system and OS files will cut back on that available space to leave around 664GB left for users to work with.

Shortly after that image was shared, two more were tweeted that showed a very dirty monitor and what’s said to be a better look at the PlayStation 5 home screen and the UI. Okami reminded viewers that this could very well be a look at a dev kit or an older version of the PlayStation 5’s features, so again, there’s a good chance what we’ll see later in November will be different from this, assuming these leaks are even accurate.

Considering how the perspectives shown in these images are similar to those seen from the video released previously, it looks as though they came from the same source. The first video was shared to Reddit and is the only video the user has uploaded at this time.


The fact that people are still looking for leaks to reveal these kinds of details pertaining to the PlayStation 5 points again to the disparity between what we know about Sony’s console and what we know about the Xbox Series X. The dashboard for the next-gen Xbox console was previewed long ago, but we haven’t seen similar, official perspectives of the PlayStation 5.

The PlayStation 5 and the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition are scheduled to release on November 12th.