PS5 Consoles Can Now Seemingly Be Jailbroken

It looks like Sony's PlayStation 5 console is now capable of being jailbroken. Like with any major piece of tech, people have been looking into jailbreaking the PS5 since it first launched back in late 2020 in the pursuit of adding new mods or software to the platform. And while it has taken close to two years for these workarounds to come about, it seems like a solution has now been discovered. 

Shared on Twitter by user Lance McDonald, a new video clip showing off a jailbroken version of the PS5 was recently unveiled. This video prominently shows off some of the new features that are available via this jailbreak modification. Notably, the jailbreak allows PS5 users to access a debug menu that contains numerous different options and settings. This jailbreak is said to only work with PS5 units that have firmware version 4.03 or older installed, though, which means that consoles that have installed any system updates since December 2021 won't be compatible. 

Perhaps the funniest part of the video is that McDonald shows off that the jailbroken PS5 is able to install and play PT. For those unaware, PT was the "playable teaser" for the canceled game Silent Hills that was previously released on PS4. After Silent Hills was canceled, Konami ended up removing PT from the PlayStation Store, making it inaccessible for anyone who didn't already have the demo downloaded onto their PS4 console. When the PS5 released back in 2020, PT was notably a title that wasn't available to play via the console's backward compatibility function. Thanks to this new jailbreak, though, that no longer holds true. 

It remains to be seen what people end up doing with this PS5 jailbreak moving forward. While being able to play PT on PS5 is cool, this alone isn't something that will likely prompt numerous PlayStation fans to jailbreak their own consoles. Still, as the months continue to pass, we might begin to see more of what is capable on a PS5 once it is unshackled from Sony's limitations. 


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