New PlayStation 5 System Software Update Released

A new system software update has been released for the PlayStation 5, and while these updates can range in significance from adding social features and USB extended storage support, the latest one is certainly not the greatest one. According to the official patch notes released by PlayStation, the PS5 version 21.01-03.21.00 update simply improves system performance. Not that improving system performance is every a bad thing, mind you, but it is certainly not terribly exciting.

Most players likely won't even notice that a new system software update has been released for the PlayStation 5 as it seems fair to assume that the majority of owners would have automatic updates toggled. For those PS5 players, the console would have quietly updated overnight. If for whatever reason the update did not trigger or install correctly, it can be manually triggered via the PlayStation 5 console's system settings menu.

The most recent update prior to today, last month's PS5 version 21.01-03.20.00 system software update, was significantly beefier. In addition to the usual improvement of system performance, it updated the DualSense controller software, fixed an issue with the screen reader, solved a problem with video games hidden on a PlayStation 4 not being hidden on a PlayStation 5, and made copying video games from USB extended storage to console storage more stable.

As noted above, the new PlayStation 5 version 21.01-03.21.00 system software update is now available, and likely will have automatically installed in the night. The PlayStation 5 itself is now available with the version containing a disc drive running $499 while the all-digital console costs $399, assuming that you can find either of them in stock at one of the various retailers that seem to add more haphazardly every so often. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the PlayStation 5 right here.

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