PS5 Update Adds Discord Voice Support

PlayStation and Discord announced this week that voice support has finally come to the PS5 so that console players can chat with their friends in Discord calls regardless of what platform everyone else is on. This update comes around two years after the two companies first announced their partnership and comes almost exactly a year after PlayStation and Discord integration first began. The feature is limited to the PS5 platform and is only available to beta testers ahead of its wider release.

Those who are enrolled in the PS5 beta testing program should look for a code to arrive in their inbox that should grant them access to the beta test for Discord voice support, Discord said in a how-to article regarding this new update. Once you've linked your PlayStation and Discord accounts together, you'll be able to start using Discord on your PS5 to talk to your friends in whatever Discord group you're normally in.

The process isn't quite as simple as hopping into a call right away on the PC or mobile platforms, however. Similar to how you connect to Discord via Xbox (that integration was added last year), you have to go into the mobile Discord app and select a "Transfer to PlayStation" option to get going.

"On mobile, slide up the Voice controls and you'll see a new button that says 'Join on PlayStation.' On desktop, the button looks sort of like a phone and a game controller next to each other," the explanation from Discord said.

"Next, you'll be asked to choose which console that you want to transfer your Voice conversation to. Gamer Magic happens in the background and BOOM, your PS5 is where your conversation takes place at."

Once all that is taken care of, Discord said the rest of the controls for things like volume and exiting the call should look similar to what players are used to. Still, it'd probably be helpful to keep the mobile app open the first few times until you get the hang of Discord calls made via PlayStation.

The PS5's Discord update is rolling out now and will be available first to beta testers.