Video Of Brawl Over PS5 at Walmart Surfaces Online

A sometimes unfortunate side effect of the holiday season will see people getting aggressive when it comes to trying to acquire one of the year’s most sought after gifts. In 2020, that highly-pursued present for many is the PlayStation 5 and it seems that at a Walmart location in the United States, tensions rose to a point between two customers that a brawl ended up breaking out.

Shared on social media, the video in question sees two Walmart shoppers at first standing in the store screaming at one another. After trading insults for a few moments, one of the two decides that they would like to escalate the situation further and proceeds to approach the other with their fists flying. Before long, the tussle ends up with the two on the floor with one person clearly coming out as the victor of the fight. While we don’t see the entirety of what caused the clash in the first place, reports state that a PS5 was at the center of the argument between the two.

Considering we don’t have the full footage of this situation, it is important to stress that this fight might not have been over a PS5 at all. That said, considering the location in which this bout took place, which was at the store’s electronics section, it does seem likely that Sony’s newest console was the point of contention that kicked off this chain of events.

I do have to say that I hope one of these people seen in the video ended up walking away with a PS5 after this was all said and done. I mean, what’s the point of throwing hands with someone over a video game console if you’re not going to actually be getting one at the end of the day? All we know about the story’s conclusion is that the police later showed up at this Walmart location but no arrests or citations were made as both combatants had left the store before the cops arrived.

All in all, this video is proof that the sooner we see PS5 consoles routinely staying on store shelves, the better. At the moment, Sony still isn't able to keep the next-gen console in stock nearly anywhere, but that will surely begin to change once we get further into 2021.


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