PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Players Will Receive Battle Point Compensation

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds players on the PC version are receiving Battle Point compensation [...]


PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds players on the PC version are receiving Battle Point compensation as compensation for an issue that prevented the points from being distributed properly.

The issue that prevented PC players from properly receiving their hard-earned BP began right after the game fully launched and left its early access form. During that time while it became PUBG 1.0, BP wasn't issued to players, but that's being fixed according to a post from PUBG_Hawkinz on the PUBG forums.

"We are compensating you for this loss," PUBG_Hawkinz said. "BP is given out to users all around the world, so it might not be received right away after clicking on the popup informing you about your BP compensation. Please be patient, you will get your compensation."

When it comes to collecting your lost BP, players will also have quite a while to redeem their earnings. The PUBG post went on to give the end date of the BP compensation promotion that ends in February.

"Restored BPs can be earned until Feb 9 11:59PM UTC so make sure to log in and claim them.

"In addition, the Early Bird key for opening Desperado and Gamescom crates is now back on sale after the maintenance.

"We are thankful for everyone who waited with patience for the maintenance to be over. Please remember to update PUBG on Steam before launching the game."

The solution that fixed the BP problem came towards the end of last month in the first full update that the game received after leaving its early access version behind. More recently, it was also announced by the game's team that players would soon be able to report other players through replays in order to counter the cheaters that call the PC version home.

"Starting with the current test build (once the testing is complete, this feature will be moved to the live servers as well), you will be able to report players directly from the replay feature of our game," a recent announcement on Steam said. "This means that you no longer need to be killed by a suspected cheater for you to be able to use the in-game reporting tool. We encourage you to use the replay report tool as it is an effective and efficient way of making us aware of the players who are undermining your enjoyment of the game."