Fans Create PUBG-Style Battle Royale Mode For Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


For a game that’s well over a decade old, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas still has a surprising amount of pull on the gaming market – especially for PC gamers, as they’re hard at work creating some neat new mods for the Rockstar Games classic. And one in particular is noteworthy for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds fans.

As originally reported by Kotaku, a few fans have managed to create a Battle Royale-style mode for San Andreas – not that it took much adaptation, as the game’s open-world and gameplay style made it easy to adapt a PUBG adapted mode to it.

In fact, two particular mods have become quite popular over the past few months, with one using SAMP and the other utilizing MTA, both different tools that can allow players to go online in San Andreas and, in this case, compete against each other.

SAMP stands for “San Andreas Multiplayer,” while MTA stands for “Multi Theft Auto,” so, no, they’re not technical terms. But being able to use both services for this new mode is pretty cool, and has rejuvenated its community quite a bit.

What’s more, the MTA version of San Andreas’ Battle Royale mode actually uses similar menus, logos and UI elements to the original Bluehole release, so fans of both games should feel right at home. But both games utilize a number of features from PUBG, including inventories that can be swapped out, loot and the ability to use frying pans as weapons (which is of most importance for some player, just ask).

Vehicles also play a part in each mod, and clothing can too, and we know how important customization is in a game like this, so it’s nice to have it included.

While the mods are still a work in progress, they’re rather cool, and worth a try if you still have a copy of San Andreas lying around. It’s very unlikely that these mods will make it to the console versions, so the way to go here is definitely PC. Look them up, and check out the video below to see some Battle Royale action.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is currently available for Xbox One and Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.