PUBG Might Be Getting a Clan System

It looks as though PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds players may one day be able to solidify their go-to squads with a new clan system if some leaks and rumors are to be believed. A Twitter user by the name of PlayerIGN who has a track record for leaking PUBG news and content shared some images that suggested the battle royale game would get a new clan system at some point. The same leak provided some details on how this would work and how many players could take part in these potential clans.

PlayerIGN (via The Loadout) shared the images below in a tweet about the new clan system players may be seeing soon in PUBG. Some lines in the game’s files hinted at various commands and actions pertaining to the clan system that would allow players to join, leave, or be kicked.

Some interesting parts about the clans to take note of are how long a clan name could be and how many characters the abbreviation could consist of. Clan names will supposedly be a maximum of 15 characters in length with two to four characters used for the abbreviated clan tag. Clans can have a slogan attached to them that’s no longer than 30 characters, according to the leaks. If you’re already planning out who would be in your clan, keep in mind that there can only be 20 people in each one.

It’s also worth pointing out that the clan system apparently won’t be free. It’ll have a 5,000 BP cost attached to it, if these leaks are correct, though it’s unclear if that price is paid by everyone who joins a clan or just those who want to start one and then invite their teammates for free.

Though there are files that point to a clan system, it’s unclear at this time when or if the system will ever be implemented into PUBG.