PUBG Update Makes Necessary Desert Map Adjustments After Players Kept Deleting the New Area Entirely

When players from the popular battle royale title PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds first learned that [...]


When players from the popular battle royale title PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds first learned that there was a new map on the way, many were stoked to try out the new stomping grounds first had. Apparently, however, not everybody was feeling the new sun and sand environment as many started deleting actual game files to skip being queued up for Miramar, because of how "boring" it is.

Another user built a program entirely for the sole purpose of removing the map entirely out of the question, making it impossible to get into the desert oasis. This major change hasn't gone unnoticed by the crew behind the title and have begun work immediately to make Miramar more interesting.

The latest update for Steam players is all about the desert and making it more enthralling to the overall player base. Here's what is new, and fixed, within PUBG and the lands of Miramar:

  • Miramar improvements
    • Added more buildings and cover across the map to improve the engagement experience
    • Added more off-road routes for easier vehicle navigation
    • Upgraded the item spawn level of certain areas for loot balancing (some areas will spawn better loot)
  • The replay system has now been updated to a newer version and past replay files cannot be played anymore
Bug fixes
  • Fixed the issue where heal and boost items could be used underwater
  • Fixed the issue where characters would get stuck in certain areas on Miramar
  • Fixed the issue where wall textures on some Miramar buildings were not displaying correctly
  • Fixed the issue where certain buildings near by Hacienda del Patron were not displaying correctly

"Players, as with the last patch, a new type of anti-cheat solution, which is still under development, is to be applied on the test servers. We are in a test phase with this solution, and its stability and compatibility need to be verified. We would like to collect data about potential compatibility issues, analyze it and solve any issues that may emerge.

If you experience a crash, please take a screenshot that shows the error and report it here. If the current test build is consistently crashing for you, we recommend that you play on the live servers instead. Thank you for your understanding."

(via Steam)