PUBG Hotfix on Xbox One Will Add Analog Movement

A new PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds hotfix is scheduled to be deployed on the Xbox One this week that'll add analog movement, a feature often requested by players.

With the game first being developed for the PC version, Xbox One players have only been able to use the same movement scheme that PC players did, one that doesn't support analog movement. This means that players can't utilize the full range of directions that an analog stick on a controller would support, but that's changing in the hotfix that's coming this week.

"Analog movement has been a popular request for a very long time and we're very happy to announce that it will be patched next week with the hotfix," an announcement about the upcoming PUBG hotfix said. "The current movement system resembles playing with a keyboard, where the character is only able to move in 8 directions. This restricted character movement freedom to only 45 degrees between each direction. With the introduction of analog movement, players will be able to move freely in 360 degrees with the left stick on the controller."

The video above was also shared to show what the analog movement would look like in-game once the hotfix is deployed. You'll notice that the movements on the right in the analog movement-enabled version look smoother than those on the left with more circular turns and fluid movements.

While cheating in PUBG is typically reserved to the PC version – though the creator of the game will tell you that there aren't actually all that many cheaters in the battle royale game – the preview for the hotfix spoke briefly about the game's ban system and said that the developers are aware of some players using "illegal programs" on the Xbox One. Urging players to use the report system if they think someone is using such programs, PUBG Corp. said that it's gotten in touch with the Xbox team about the problem and is prepared to issue "permanent bans on the account and device level."


As for the rest of the hotfix plans, the console team has further plans to continue fixing bugs and optimizing the game. In addition to the analog movement feature, the weekly community post shared a list of areas the hotfix will touch on.

  • Overall world loading and level streaming improvements.
  • Detailed textures will load up faster on Xbox One X.
  • Improved footstep sounds when on sand.
  • Fixed a bug where loot boxes would not show after a player has died.
  • Fixed crashes in certain situations.
  • Optimized scoping.

The patch notes for the hotfix haven't been released yet, but it's expected to launch this week.