PUBG Gets a K-Pop Crossover and a Free Week Event

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds announced two events this week, one of this is live now with the other scheduled to get underway soon after. The first is a K-pop crossover with the supergroup Blackpink while the other is a free week that's happening early next week. It's also been suggested that this free week is meant to gauge interest in the game going completely free-to-play at some point in the future.

The Blackpink collab was shown off in the video below that featured a couple of different skins players will be able to choose from now that the event is live. Aside from outfits themselves, other cosmetic items will similarly be available to purchase.

That event is live now, but the free week hasn't started just yet. Though the Twitter video cuts off a bit early, the same trailer which was shared on YouTube said at the end of the video that there'd be a free weekend starting on August 10th with the free week scheduled to last until August 16th.

According to PUBG leaker and dataminer PlayerIGN, this free week will be a test to see how much players are into the idea of PUBG being free. The PUBG informer reiterated past comments where they said this before and said that the Krafton team has been trying to take PUBG to a free-to-play point for a while now.

Though Krafton has confirmed the plans to make the game free for at least a couple of days, we don't yet know all the details of the free week regarding any exception or limitations that might be in place. August 10th is just a few days away though, so it won't be much longer until players learn more and are able to spend some time with the game themselves.