PUBG Devs Unveil New Market Plans to Avoid Abusive Behavior

The team behind the wildly popular (and more realistic) Battle Royale title PlayerUnknown's [...]


The team behind the wildly popular (and more realistic) Battle Royale title PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) have taken to their Steam blog once more to give players an update on what they are working on. After months of graphic and audio overhauls, the devs are instead shifting their focus onto another busy focus for this title: the marketplace. More specifically, they open up as to what the Aviator Crate is still unmarketable on Steam.

The restrictions for the Aviator Crate are expected to be lifted on June 13th at 8 PM PDT. As to why this time and not earlier, they mentioned that it was mostly due to the toxicity1 seen regarding this feature. According to their recent statement:

"Previous crates (like the Equinox Crate) were unmarketable for a shorter amount of time, but we've seen this cause somewhat abusive behavior of the market system—especially in the form of jacked-up prices for rare items. We believe that implementing slightly longer market restriction times will help alleviate this issue."

With some items having shown up in the marketplace on sale for thousands and thousands of dollars, it's understandable that the team would be cautious about new additions. The abuse of in-game stores is nothing new, but it is something that poses a serious problem for the community itself. There are those that absolutely won't spend but suddenly find desired items inaccesible, and then there is the worse alternative where people actually do drop 6,000 + dollars on a fictional item. Looking good is key, but for that much? I don't know, doesn't seem worth it to me.

Still, the team over at Bluehole have promised to keep making improvements to all aspects of their online title, including that of their "market rules and systems." As far as what's next, we don't know, but with the final testing of the third new map having just wrapped up - it's going to be a good Summer for Battle Royale fans.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is available now on Steam as well as Xbox One as an Early Access title. Eventually it will be making its way over onto the PlayStation 4, but no new updates have been given at this time.