PUBG Mobile Is Hosting a Blackpink Concert

Blackpink is returning to PUBG once more this month, but instead of coming to PUBG: Battlegrounds again like it did last time, the K-pop group is going to be featured this time in PUBG Mobile. The group will star in PUBG Mobile's first in-game concert with a new track and music video set to be released this month as well. Naturally, players will be able to obtain cosmetics to commemorate the event as well.

The Blackpink concert was announced on socials as well as in the patch notes for the next update that's going to set the stage for this event. All of this is scheduled to get underway on July 22nd and July 23rd in North America and South America with the rest of the world able to catch the concert on July 23rd and July 24th instead. For those who don't catch the first show, you'll be able to see it once more on July 29th through July 30th and July 30th through July 31st depending on what region you're in.

But before that event gets underway, you'll have to have a ticket to take part. To get that, you'll need to hop in the game on July 15th to get the ticket that'll be free for those who want to attend. You'll want to make sure you download a resource pack the next day, too, which Krafton says will be required to watch the concert later this month.

While that ticket will be free, the "eye-catching outfits" mentioned in the accompanying press release which are worn by the members of Blackpink probably won't be and will likely be purchased at a premium price. Krafton also teased that players will receive rewards each day by logging in and completing themed challenges, but we don't yet know what those challenges will look like nor have we seen the rewards yet.

PUBG Mobile's Blackpink concert gets underway on July 22nd, so be sure to get your ticket and get set up before then to make sure you can attend.