New Game in PUBG Universe Releasing Next Year

Striking Distance Studios’ The Callisto Protocol is already surprisingly set in the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds universe, but there’s apparently another game based in that realm that’ll release sooner than the horror game. PUBG creators Krafton are working on a new game for both consoles and the PC platform which is said to be related to PUBG according to Krafton CEO Kim Chang-han. That new game is supposed to be out next year, and there’s also another battle royale game planned for the mobile platform that’s releasing in 2021.

News of the upcoming PUBG projects came from the Krafton CEO during an interview with Bloomberg. Kim expressed determination to build the studio out beyond just PUBG, the battle royale game that helped to set the tone for others in the genre to come after it.

What these new games will be about isn’t known at this time, but it’s at least been confirmed roughly when the studio plans to release these games. The new battle royale game is supposed to release sometime this year, the PUBG-related game is supposed to be out by next year, and we still have The Callisto Protocol which was previously announced for a 2022 release. The latter is the only one that we know we’ve seen a glimpse into after the reveal of a trailer followed by an even more unsettling red-band version of the original cinematic.

How all these games will fit into the PUBG story is also something that the battle royale players would no doubt love to see addressed as soon as that’s possible. The Callisto Protocol, for example, was a game that Striking Distance Studios head Glen Schofield said was an idea first that was then made to fit within the PUBG universe after it was pitched to Krafton. It’s unclear if the other new games follow the same path or if they’ve been intended for the PUBG universe since the start.

We’ll get more info on The Callisto Protocol soon enough seeing how the developers promised more info in the new year. As for PUBG itself, the game’s still been getting continued updates, fresh seasons, and new features like the reputation system which was just recently announced for the game before heading to the test servers.