The Callisto Protocol Channels Dead Space in Gruesome Red Band Trailer

If The Callisto Protocol didn’t look as much like a Dead Space successor as you would’ve liked [...]

If The Callisto Protocol didn't look as much like a Dead Space successor as you would've liked during its big reveal at The Game Awards, that'll probably change after you've watched the red band trailer for the new horror game. Revealed on Thursday following a Q&A with Glen Schofield, the CEO of the new Striking Distance studio that's working on the game, and chief development officer Steve Papoutsis. The trailer shows an extended look at the first cinematic for the game that was released not long ago.

You can see the trailer below, though you'll most likely have to head to YouTube itself to watch the video since it's gated by an age restriction. Once you're there, you'll find that it's quite similar to the first trailer we saw with the exception of around 30 extra seconds of footage. It's those extra seconds where you'll get all the Dead Space vibes you're looking for.

The captive we saw aboard the creepy space prison in the first trailer again checks out the halls outside his cell while unaware that the thing he's talking to in the background isn't his cellmate – or at least it's not anymore. The original trailer cut away right as the alien-like creature latched onto the man's face with its mouthy tentacles, but the red band trailer offers no such comforts.

Instead, we see a classic alien scene play out. The creature's appendages start looking for ways into the prisoner, and unfortunately for him, that means finding their way into his mouth, nose, and eyes. It cuts away afterwards to remind viewers that someone else nearby knows about the alien mayhem that's unfolding and doesn't seem too perturbed by it.

If that scene wasn't Dead Space enough for you, the end of the red band trailer should be. It returns to the mangled body of the prisoner who was attacked and looks like he's in no condition to move, but of course he's now been reanimated as some sort of undead creature himself.

Though it's its own thing that's surprisingly set within the PUBG universe, the Dead Space vibes are no mistake. Both Schofield and Papoutsis were integral parts of the Dead Space franchise as one of the creators and an executive producer, respectively, and they've now turned their efforts onto this new game that Striking Distance said it hopes will be the "most terrifying game ever."

The Callisto Procotol is scheduled to be released some time in 2022.