PUBG Season 9 Is Adding a Highly-Requested Game Mode

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ Season 9 that’s coming to the game later this month is [...]

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' Season 9 that's coming to the game later this month is delivering a game mode that's long been a request from the ranked community. Ranked Solos are finally coming to the game in Season 9 alongside the release of another ranked season to give players another ladder to climb and more rewards to earn based on how high they can go. The season is already available for testing for some players, but for everyone else, you'll have to wait until towards the end of the month to try out the Ranked Solos and everything else included in Season 9.

As PUBG players who frequent the game's ranked environment will already know, the addition of Ranked Solos to the list of available game modes is something players have been asking about for a long time now. Currently, ranked games can only be played in teams which means that if you want to have the best shot at making it high up on the ranked ladder during a season, you have to have a competent team with you that you can rely on. That'll change soon when the Ranked Solos are added in Season 9.

"Next up, a new addition to the Ranked Mode queue family has been added thanks to your diligent feedback," PUBG Corp said about the new update. "That's right, Ranked Solos will be available in Season 9, allowing you to test your mettle the old-fashioned way... one versus everybody."

Before Ranked Solos arrive, it's important to take note of the changes also coming to the ranked modes overall. Those changes can be found below courtesy of the patch notes for the first Season 9 update that's now on test servers.

PUBG Ranked Mode Ruleset Updates

  • Algorithm Update
    • Points earned per kill and assist have been increased by 50%.
  • Sanhok Blue Zone Adjustment
    • Compared to other maps, the number of players who die in Phase 2 is very high. We've made some Blue Zone changes which we believe will improve the overall pacing of
  • Sanhok matches.
    • Increased the size and waiting time of Phase 2
    • Removed the dynamic Blue Zone mechanic which scaled circle speeds based on the number of players alive.
    • Please note, these changes are only to Ranked Sanhok matches.
  • Item Spawns
    • Increased AR/DMR Magazines spawns
      • Increased 4x, 6x and 8x spawns
    • Increased Canted Sight spawns
      • Slightly decreased the spawn rates of 2x and 3x scopes
    • Decreased Handgun/SMG Magazines spawns
    • Decreased Handgun spawns, along with 9mm and .45ACP ammo
  • Vehicle spawns
    • Esports vehicle spawn locations will now always spawn a vehicle.
  • Care Packages
    • MG3 has been added Care Packages on all Ranked maps

PUBG Season 9 will come to the PC platform on October 21 before it comes to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia platforms on October 29th.