PUBG Reveals New Survival Mastery System

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is supplementing its Weapon Mastery system with another feature [...]

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is supplementing its Weapon Mastery system with another feature called Survival Mastery, the battle royale game's team announced this week. Similarly to how the Weapon Mastery system tracks players' performances with certain weapons, the new system will keep up with different stats pertaining to how the player is doing overall. Playstyles will be measured with traits assigned to players' post-game performances depending on what they did during the match. An updated "Last Match" menu will also give players a better look at how they did in their most recent game.

An announcement on the game's site previewed the release of PUBG's Mastery System and showed what it'll look like once it's in place. Found under the "Mastery" tab in the game's menus where the Weapon Mastery system is currently located, the Survival Mastery system will play host to player levels and different stats.

"Survival Mastery is a progression feature designed as a companion system to Weapon Mastery," the announcement said. "Where Weapon Mastery is all about your proficiency in combat, Survival Mastery focuses on your story as a player. In other words, our goal with this system is to help you recognize your own abilities and reward your success after each match. You get to decide what kind of player you're going to be."

As players complete their typical tasks in match such as taking down other players, surviving to different phases of the match, and not dying, players will level up their Survival Mastery rank. As your level increases and more data is gathered, you'll find yourself earning traits like the ones below which give a better idea of the type of player you are.

PUBG Survival
(Photo: PUBG)

"In addition to displaying your level progress in this tab, you can also track your recent playstyle through the trait system," the announcement said, referencing the image above. "Are you the type to pick up every bit of loot you see or a bit more picky about what goes into your inventory? Traits paint a picture of how you approach 6 different aspects of PUBG and the 3 most prominent of those traits are displayed here."

Located in the updated Last Match screen will be a timeline that shows how players did throughout a match. Combat-related stats like kills and healing are included there along with other survival actions.

A date for the Survival Mastery system's launch was not given in the announcement, though a teaser on Twitter pointed to September 24th as a date when we'll see more. The system will go live on the PC version's test servers first before releasing elsewhere.