PUBG Updates Erangel in First Season 4 Patch

The base map of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has an updated look now that the game’s latest update has gone live to kick off Season 4. Pushed live in the early hours of July 24th, the update has changed various points of interest around Erangel by adding some landmarks and adjusting existing ones. Not every change that was made was detailed in the patch notes though, so there are still plenty of opportunities to unearth secrets around the updated map.

PUBG’s plans to update the Erangel map were detailed before the update’s release with several side-by-side images of a few notable locations presented in the first look at the update. With that patch now live, the notes detailing everything that’s new are the same as what was presented before.

You’ll have to explore Erangel yourself to see everything that’s new, but a quick rundown of the various changes can be seen below courtesy of the patch notes.

Various Terrain Changes

  • We’ve updated existing terrain, signage, and buildings and have added a small number of buildings to some areas as well.
  • To better illustrate Erangel’s history, terrain elements have been added or revised.
    • Trenches, blast marks, camo nets, and abandoned tanks have been added across different areas of the map.
  • Added barriers along the shore in some locations.
  • Based on player feedback gathered during the testing period, we’ve made the following changes:
    • Grass density and color saturation have been reduced.
    • Overall brightness has been reduced.

As some may have already noticed, the patch that starts the game’s fourth season is called “PC Update 4.1,” a different format compared to how the patches are normally named. PUBG Corp. said this change is a result of the new way of addressing PUBG’s ongoing updates.

“As we take a glimpse into Erangel’s past, it’s the perfect time to talk about the future of PUBG’s seasonal content. Going forward, game updates will revolve around new seasons, which will feature new content, skins, gameplay updates, and Survivor Pass with plenty of missions and rewards to enjoy and enrich your experience on the Battlegrounds. This also means we’ll be naming our updates a little differently. For example, this is the first update of Season 4 on PC, so it will be referred to as ‘PC Update 4.1’ in the patch notes. Season 4 will launch on consoles in late Summer!”

PUBG also recently got an interesting origin story to give some background to the island of Erangel, so perhaps players will now find references to this hidden around the map if not in this update then certainly in future patches.