'PUBG' on Xbox One Now Issuing Permanent Bans for Cheating

PUBG Corp. is now issuing permanent bans to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds players on the Xbox [...]

PUBG Corp. is now issuing permanent bans to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds players on the Xbox One who are caught cheating or hacking.

The Xbox team for PUBG announced that the permanent ban news in its most recent weekly community post. While the typically inappropriate actions like harassing others can still result in bans, PUBG Corp. said that hacks and cheats specifically will now start earning Xbox One players a permanent bans with instances of cheating getting the same treatment from now on.

"We have been investigating the use of hacks/cheats, and have taken appropriate action against any players who have used them," PUBG Corp.'s weekly Xbox announcement said about its stance on hacking and cheating. "The use of hacks/cheats is not tolerated and is against our Rules of Conduct. We are now issuing permanent bans for this type of behavior, and any future instances will be dealt with the same way. Please feel free to submit reports in-game or through our support portal here."

Players have had questions throughout the year about bans on the game's Xbox One version, asking on the boards whether or not it was possible for PUBG Corp. to ban console players and looking for more info on the ban process. Those questions did come prior to the game's full release when it left its early access state though, but now that it's a fully-released game, PUBG Corp. appears to be taking a stricter stance.

The weekly community post was a lighter one in terms of information outside of the permanent ban announcement. Xbox One players have been experiencing an issue where they lose connection to the host and have their game dropped, a problem that PUBG Corp. said has been hard to reproduce in-house to find a solution.

"This has been a tough one for us to crack, because we have not been able to reproduce this error in-house," the update on the host connection bug said. "To accelerate tracking down the cause of the this issue, we have now added the match session ID to the Lost Connection to Host error message. We are requesting all of our players to please submit your gamertag and session ID (numbers with alphabets below "Lost Connection to Host") when you submit a report."

There is also a new PTS update available for players on the Xbox One to test out the game's upcoming changes, everything new in that update seen here.