PUBG's Xbox One Test Server Patch Notes Released

The patch notes for the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds test server have been released with the [...]

The patch notes for the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds test server have been released with the much-anticipated bullet penetration and dynamic weather features included.

PUBG's Xbox team has been previewing those features and more for a while now, all of which are finally testable on the console's special servers that let players sample the changes to come. Sharing news of the reopening of the public test server (PTS) on Twitter and through the game's Xbox forums, the team invited everyone to come try out what's new before the update goes live for all players.

Getting one of the most talked about features out of the way first, the patch notes opened with the limb penetration system that's finally coming to the Xbox One. This means that players will no longer have their bullets frustratingly blocked by an arm that waves in front of an opponents head with the damage now being applied to other parts of the enemies' bodies if the bullets penetrate limbs. The patch notes went into more detail about how this new feature would work.


  • Bullet penetration system is now applied to forearms.
    • When a bullet hits the forearm of the character, it will penetrate following its ballistic trajectory. The result will be different depending on whether the forearm is blocking more vulnerable body parts.
      • When a bullet penetrates a forearm and strikes a more vulnerable body part behind it, the greater damage will be applied. In other words, if a player's forearm takes a bullet while blocking their head, the full headshot damage will be applied. This penetration system works for the head, torso, and waist only.
      • If a bullet penetrates the forearm, but no vulnerable body part is behind it, only the forearm damage will be applied
    • Forearm penetration is disabled for shotguns
  • When getting on a motorbike, if the driver's seat is empty, it's now much easier to enter the driver's seat (and not accidentally get on the passenger seat).

Alongside that feature is the addition of dynamic weather to diversify the game's existing maps. On both the Erangel and Miramar battlegrounds, PUBG Corp. added "Overcast" effects with Miramar also having a "Sunset" setting. Maps with the Overcast effect will have various weathers throughout the game that include rain, fog, and more, the video above previewing some of these changes.

PUBG's Xbox One PTS is available to download for anyone who already has a console copy of the game, so players can try out these features now along with a host of other changes found in the official patch notes.