PUBG's New G-Coin Currency Heads to Test Servers

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds players on the Xbox One are getting a new, premium currency when [...]

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds players on the Xbox One are getting a new, premium currency when the game's 1.0 version releases, a currency that players can test on the Public Test Servers.

The new currency is called "G-Coin" and is used to purchase skins and other items like the Event Pass: Sanhok. It stands apart from Battle Points, the funds that players acquire through their in-game performance and through special events that dish out bonuses. G-Coin can only be purchased with real money and will be enabled for everyone once the game fully launches on September 4.

"G-Coin is the hard currency that will coexist with BP, which is the soft currency that's currently in the game," PUBG Corp.'s explanation of how the new currency works said. "G-Coin is purchased with real money, while BP can be earned by playing the game. With 1.0 launch G-Coin can be purchased in the Microsoft Store and in the in-game store."

Skins that can be obtained from crates and unlocked through Event Pass: Sanhok are some of the items that players can purchase with G-Coin along with skins that can only be purchased exclusively with the hard currency. Crates, however, cannot be purchased with G-Coin – those can only be bought with BP. PUBG Corp. also made some changes to the crates that make it so that players can now choose exactly which one they want to purchase and can preview what items can potentially be acquired in each crate before purchasing it. Crates are also no longer locked with the option to purchase keys removed from the game's economy. Five new crates are also being added when the game launches to give more BP-spending options.

G-Coin was created explicitly for the Xbox One, the post explained, to supplement the absence of the marketplace. Adding that the game's console economy is still new, PUBG Corp. added that the currency and crate changes were implemented based on community feedback.

To try out the new premium currency ahead of the game's full release, console players can spend their G-Coin on the PTS that's downloadable through the Microsoft Store. These serves will be available from Wednesday until the day that the game reaches its full release with players receiving a certain amount of both G-Coin and BP to spend during the test period.

"Players will be given 13,000 G-Coin each. This will be enough to purchase everything available with G-Coin. We are also giving everyone 100,000 BP on PTS. As this PTS focuses on the new Crate System and G-Coin, please spend every penny you got. Event Pass: Sanhok will not be available to be purchased and used."

PUBG's test servers on the Xbox One are now live.