Rainbow Six Siege Brings Back Deployable Shields and Clash

After being gone for far longer than Clash mains would have preferred, the Operator has now been reenabled on the live servers alongside the return of the Deployable Shields. Both of those parts of the game have been turned off for some time now while Ubisoft worked on them to fix exploits. Each of those past attempts was unsuccessful, but the latest has apparently resolve the issues associated with both Clash and the Deployable Shields.

Ubisoft shared news of the features’ return on social media and said that it was confident enough in the solutions to say the pair had been fixed. There’s still the chance that an issue could be spotted with either Clash or Deployable Shields since the two features are now playable on a much larger scale, but Ubisoft said it plans on keeping up with players’ feedback to resolve any more issues. So far though, the solution appears to be holding up seeing h ow the pair hasn’t been disabled again.


“Given the results of our recent tests on the Test Server, we've decided to activate the fixes on the live servers and re-enable Deployable Shields and Clash,” Ubisoft’s update on the matter said. “This means deployable shield ammo count will be set back to 1 and Clash will be available in Operator select. We'll be closely monitoring the situation and may deactivate them once again if any issues arise.”

The fixes couldn’t have come at a better time either now that the game’s new Showdown event is live. It pits the good against the bad in a battle that takes place on a new map, and you’ll be able to use these Deployable Shields here. It doesn’t have a spot for Clash in either of the two teams’ it has created, however, despite Clash’s origins. Ubisoft detailed everything that the Showdown event would consist of recently, an event that includes the new game m ode, more cosmetics, and contest where lucky players can win those items.

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