'Rainbow Six Siege' Gives Players a Free DLC Operator

Rainbow Six Siege players who log into the game during a certain promotional period can get a free [...]

Rainbow Six Siege players who log into the game during a certain promotional period can get a free DLC Operator from Ubisoft.

If players have been saving up for a particular Operator that they don't yet own from the game's past several years and seasons, there's a chance that Operator can be acquired for free through Rainbow Six Siege's limited-time Holiday Pack. These Holiday Packs, the Rainbow Six Siege Twitter account confirmed, will grant players one free DLC Operator that they don't yet own. Should players already have all of the game's DLC Operators, they'll instead be able to convert the Holiday Pack into 25,000 Renown that'll be added to their accounts.

Players who haven't yet logged into the game still have a while to do so and get their Holiday Pack, but there is an end date on the promotion. It ends on January 1st with no exact time given, so players wanting the Holiday Pack and the free Operator will need to make sure they fulfil the sole requirement ahead of that date.

Some players reported having difficulties when trying to convert their gift to Renown. A follow-up tweet that came after the announcement of the Holiday Pack confirmed there was indeed an issue with the conversion and said the Rainbow Six Siege team was looking into it, but no further updates have been given to announce whether or not the problem has been resolved.

The in-game description of the item confirmed the random Operator could come from either of the game's three years' worth of content which means people can even get the newest Operators if they don't yet have them. Kaid and Nomad were recently added to Rainbow Six Siege, and the chances of getting those two will go up based on how many of the older Operators players already own.

Rainbow Six Siege players have from now until January 1st to log in and redeem their Holiday Pack.