'Rainbow Six Siege' Reveals Details of Lion's Rework

Ubisoft said that Rainbow Six Siege’s Lion rework is ready, and with that confirmation comes new details on the Operator’s main ability and how it’ll soon work. The Operator’s current Signature Device allows him to visualize enemies by tracking their movement, and while it’ll still serve the same purpose post-rework, it’ll fulfil that role differently in a way that’s less oppressive to his opponents.

In a post on the Rainbow 6 site, Ubisoft broke down its plans for reworking Lion. The rework’s one that’s been coming for a while now, and in a post on the franchise’s site that’s part of the Designer Notes series, Ubisoft shared more details on its plans for Lion.

A full breakdown of the Operator’s new ability can be seen below:

  • Replaced the scan outline by a red ping debuff
  • Reduced the ability warning from 3 to 1.5 seconds
  • Reduced the scanning from 4 to 2 seconds
  • Reduced the ability cool-down from 27 to 15 seconds
  • Increased the number of charges from 2 to 3

“The Lion rework is ready,” Ubisoft said about the new ability. This change is aimed at reducing the oppressive feeling of his ability while maintaining his intel-gathering role. Following the changes introduced, we expect players to put more thought before using this ability and require more skill to be advantageous for the attacking team.”

The outline effect has been shifted to a ping debuff that’s reminiscent of Alibi, Ubisoft said, and will make Lion’s scans more viable while also giving Defenders room to counter the ability. Ubisoft shared some closing details on Lion’s rework that explained how its effects were changed and what Lion players were compensated with in return for the increased counterplay.

“The total duration of Lion's ability is shorter for both the warning and the scanning phases,” Ubisoft said. “The scan will last a total of 3.5 seconds (from 7 seconds). To balance things, we have increased the number of uses to 3 and also reduced the ability cool-down.”

Lion’s rework and other changes are scheduled to come in Rainbow Six Siege’s upcoming mid-season balance update.



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