Rainbow Six Siege Reveals New Operation Neon Dawn Operator

It’s almost time once again for yet another Rainbow Six Siege Operation. In the buildup to that new release, Ubisoft teased the Operation’s launch by confirming its name with a short teaser video to accompany the reveal. The new Operation will be called “Neon Dawn,” and while Ubisoft hasn’t yet confirmed everything that’ll be included in it, some recent leaks have hinted at or outright shown what we’ll be seeing when the new Operation launches. Ubisoft also confirmed the first Operator included in Neon Dawn, a character named “Aruni” who’s now had her unique gadget previewed.

The tweets below from Ubisoft gave us our first taste of Neon Dawn before its full reveal that’s coming soon. A teaser showing a brief video that teased the Operation overall set the mood with some neon themes to match the name of the Operation. Following that up on Wednesday, Ubisoft released the first official footage of Aruni, an Operator who will be a new Defender in Rainbow Six Siege.

Based on the limited footage of the Operator that’s shown in the teaser trailer, it looks like the character is able to put up some sort of gadget over doorways or similar openings that lays down a barrier preventing people from walking through it. She’s able to walk through it without issue though, so it’s likely that her team can pass through it but enemies can’t. The wide gaps between the lasers mean that even though people can’t pass through the beams, they’ll still be able to shoot through without issue.

Like most new Rainbow Six Siege content, we’ve already seen some of this spoiled through leaks which you’re welcome to check out yourself if you don’t mind the unofficial source. For those who want to see what’s coming as Ubisoft intended, you’ll have to wait until November 8th at 11 a.m. EST. That’s when Ubisoft will be revealing more details on the Operation Neon Dawn plans during the EU Major, a reveal in line with how it ties these sorts of things into esports events.