Rainbow Six Siege Teases Operation Shifting Tides Gadgets

Ubisoft isn’t ready to reveal the full details of its next Operation just yet, but it has given players a tease of what’s to come by previewing the gadgets that the new Operators will use. Just as we’ve seen with past reveals, one of the gadgets is geared more towards offense while the other is designed to defend positions. Between the two of these gadgets, players will be blowing holes in walls and intercepting projectiles when the new Operation releases.

The latest teaser for what Ubisoft is calling Operation Shifting Tides was shared this week with a video that showed the two new Operator gadgets in action. One of them is called the “Mag-NET System” while the other is the “LV Explosive Lance” that’s affixed to the bottom of the new CSRX 300 rifle. The former is the one that’ll catch enemies’ projectiles before they can get to you while the latter will blast a hole through things to give you a new avenue of attack.

A post on Ubisoft’s site detailing the testing of these gadgets that’s seen in the video offered more information. The Mag-NET System has the power to intercept objects that fly near it and will detonate afterwards or if it’s shot enough. Ubisoft’s post provided some examples of what can be stopped by the magnets and what might happen to Operators who use their projectiles around it.

“What we did manage to determine was that it affects projectiles of all kinds, including Capitão’s asphyxiating bolts and, interestingly, the LV Explosive Lance (see below),” the post said. “Given that it draws the projectile – frag, breaching round, etc. – to its position prior to detonation, the Mag-NET System may pose an unpredictable challenge for some of our more reckless Operators. In short, they might blow themselves up if there’s a cleverly-placed Mag-NET nearby. Not much we can do about it except encourage them to gather intel before charging in (though we both know how well that’s worked in the past).”

The LV Explosive Lance received similar testing that showed how it can blast through walls and can also be affected by the new defensive gadget.


“The Lance’s strength lies in the contained explosion that it emits, and the acronym of its name (L-VEL, a divine spear in Hinduism, not exactly humble),” Ubisoft said. “It’s enough to shred nearby devices without posing a serious risk to anyone caught in the blast radius, which has been capped from the point of projection until it’s almost a plane. As I said, the Mag-NET can also draw the Lance away from its intended target, either preserving team utility or, if poorly placed, annihilating it.”

More details on Ubisoft’s new Operation will be revealed on November 10th.

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