Rainbow Six Siege Previews Shifting Tides Changes for Operators and Weapons

Ubisoft previewed some of the changes coming to Rainbow Six Siege with the next big Operation [...]

Ubisoft previewed some of the changes coming to Rainbow Six Siege with the next big Operation while detailing the reasoning behind the Operation Shifting Tides balance adjustments. Several weapons and Operators are being changed when the update releases to make them more balanced along with the release of a new limb penetration system that'll allow for a more realistic gunplay experience. The last of those features has been previewed multiple times by Ubisoft and is finally preparing for release alongside the other balance changes.

Plans for some of Operation Shifting Tides were detailed in a post on the Rainbow Six Siege site to show what's happening with the different weapons and Operators in the game. SMGs and shotguns are on the table for changes in this Operation along with four different Operators, one of which is getting a complete rework.

The Limb Penetration system is a detailed one that's better off seen here if you haven't been keeping up with what's happening. As for the Operator and Weapon changes, you can find those below.


  • M-12 SMG
    • Increased M-12 SMG damage from 36 to 40
  • FO-12 Shotgun
    • Decreased damage dealt beyond 10 meters
    • Spread increase and accuracy reduction
  • SASG-12
    • Spread increase and accuracy reduction
  • BOSG 12.2
    • BOSGACOG is here


  • Glaz
    • Increased Glaz's scope highlight base intensity
  • Kaid
    • Increased Kaid's Electroclaw radius from 0.75m to 1.3m
    • Replaced Impact Grenades with Barbed Wire
  • Warden
    • Replaced Barbed Wire with C4

Jackal is also included in the notes and is the Operator that's receiving an entire rework, though like the Limb Penetration system, his changes are a big more detailed than what the patch preview can provide. The Operator that Ubisoft says is banned more than any other character is "a high source of frustration for many players" and is one of the "top balancing priorities." Ubisoft's past designer notes offer a better insight into how the Operator is changing and why.

If you've already given up on Jackal or are just looking for new Operators to play as, Operation Shifting Tides is also introducing two more combatants. Kali and Wamai are both being added in Operation Shifting Tides whenever that big update does release, and you can find out more about them here.