Rainbow Six Siege Road to S.I. Event Brings Back a Limited-Time Map

Ubisoft is priming its Rainbow Six Siege community for the next Six Invitational esports event with a returning event that goes live this week and will continue for the next month. That event is the Road to S.I. 2021, and with it comes a unique playlist set in the Stadium map as well as another battle pass with some exclusive, limited-time rewards to earn. The Road to S.I. 2021 event is scheduled to go live on January 21st and will continue until February 22nd which means it’ll overlap with the Six Invitational event itself.

For those who participated in last year’s Road to S.I. 2020 event, this one should look pretty familiar. The main attraction of this year’s event is the Road to S.I. Playlist which goes live at 10 a.m. ET on January 21st. It allows players to access any of the Operators to play as within the Stadium map.

“Play 3 rounds of 3 minutes in unranked Plant Bomb with Pick and Ban,” Ubisoft said about the event. “Have access to all Operators, including our team members, decked out in their Road to S.I. Battle Pass gear for the Six Invitational. The Captains - Mira, Capitão, Ash and Vigil – and their teams will harbor outfits from the Battle Pass themed content.”

The Stadium map that’s returned looks a bit different now as well. It was only live before during the limited-time Road to S.I. event from 2020 and will be live throughout only the course of the event this year as well.

“Harry is reopening the gates of the Stadium, our ultimate competition map that mixes up elements of Border and Coastline,” Ubisoft said. “With a bit of fresh coat, the Stadium is ready to welcome our champions back.”


Since this event is lasting longer than a week or some of the other timeframes we sometimes see events run for, Road to S.I. 2021 will have a battle pass associated with it as well. That battle pass has both a free and a premium track with rewards to earn from each that are spread out throughout 100 tiers. Battle pass progression can be earned in any multiplayer mode, not just the Road to S.I. Playlist, so you won’t be stuck in Stadium for a month just to earn free stuff.

Rainbow Six Siege’s Road to S.I. event goes live on Thursday and will continue until February 22nd.