Rainbow Six Siege Is Getting a New Shooting Range Feature

Rainbow Six Siege players who want to warm up a bit or test out different weapons before hopping [...]

Rainbow Six Siege players who want to warm up a bit or test out different weapons before hopping into a match will eventually be able to do so whenever the game's new "Shooting Range" feature is added. The developers responded to a question in a recent Rainbow Six Siege Q&A and said they are indeed working on a Shooting Range right now, but no information about possible release dates or windows could be given at the time.

The Reddit AMA contained a number of different questions about various Siege topics with one person echoing a question many others have asked in the past: "Will we be getting a gun range and is that idea even being considered?" asked a Reddit user.

Yann Sylvestre, the level design director working on Siege, responded to say that a prototype feature was indeed in the works. Practicing the control of weapon recoil and utilizing different weapon attachments were two things that the designer said the Shooting Range would focus on.

Associate game director Christopher Budgen followed up with a bit more to be shared about the feature. Budgen said the team has "a lot of plans for this feature" and plans to incorporate some things into it that'll be unique to Siege beyond just recoil and attachment management.

"While we don't have dates to share, we are actively working on a new Shooting Range that will allow players to test the Damage & Recoil from multiple distances and weapon setups," Budgen said. "We really see the importance here to allow players to see the impact of weapon balancing more directly and concretely compare the changes from one update to another. We have a lot of plans for this feature and some ideas that are unique to Siege such as practicing Soft Wall destruction and testing the damage loss through different destructible materials."

Budgen added that the team didn't feel as though a Shooting Range alone would be enough in the way of educational tools for player to utilize, so we'll see more "Learning Tools for all types of Siege players" added in the future.