Rainbow Six Siege Teases New Operators' Gadgets

Ubisoft is moving closer towards the full reveal of its next Operation’s Operators with Wednesday’s teaser revealing the name of the next expansion and what gadgets the pair of characters will use. Operation Ember Rise will introduce two new playable characters – Operators who seem to have been revealed ahead of schedule by Ubisoft – that’ll use gadgets seen in the video above. One of these tools allows them to use a grappling hook to traverse previously inaccessible areas while the other gadget is a shield with an explosive device attached to it.

The Operation Ember Rise teaser above shows off the testing process behind both of these gadgets. We see a dummy using the grappling hook throughout multiple failed attempts before the final attempt successfully launched the wielder through a small structural gap. The test for the shield was much quicker though with one bullet causing the red cannister on the back of the shield to combust with explosive results.

“New Operators need new gadgets,” Ubisoft’s description for the trailer teased. “Luckily we have the best R&D Director in the business. Will you take a new approach or burn things down? Swing into action or set up an ambush?”

A full reveal of Operation Ember Rise is planned for August 18th during the game’s next big esports event, so expect to see the Operators and their kits detailed there.

While the full details of these gadgets and how they work won’t be known until that reveal, it looks like we’ve already gotten a glimpse of these two Operators. Another teaser shared through the official Rainbow Six Twitter account showed off the image below which showed two Operators crouched around a fire in an area with lush vegetation.


Skipping past these teasers and straight to the reveal, one Rainbow Six Twitter account accidently let fly the names of these Operators and the countries they come from. A tweet that’s now been deleted indicated that the Operators should be named Amaru and Goyo, and they’ll come from Peru and Mexico. Players were quick to spot the tweet and take screenshots before it was deleted.

Look for Rainbow Six Siege’s full Operation reveal on August 18th to see if all these details line up and what Ubisoft has in store for the game’s next expansion.

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